Los Angeles-based performer Pat Whiteman is a classically trained singer known for her rich expressive voice, charming stage presence and effortless delivery. Equally comfortable singing pop ballads, quirky character pieces, powerhouse belt numbers, rock or blues, Pat's shows are always highly anticipated. She has become a steadfast supporter of cabaret and contemporary singer/songwriters and a skilled interpreter of their material. She's also a sought-after voice teacher and performance coach passionate about helping others find their voice.

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Pat teaches regular six-week Musical Performance Workshops. The workshops are conducted in a safe environment and draw on, but are not exclusive to, the techniques of David Craig. All skill levels and types of material welcome. Work new material, audition and performance technique or come sing and take the next step in your process. Each workshop concludes with a performance at a local club. For more information, email: info@patwhiteman.com.

Pat has directed a number of well-received cabaret acts for both singers and actors. Contact her to find out how you can get started crafting your show. For more information, email: info@patwhiteman.com.

P R I V A T E   L E S S O N S
Pat has a thriving private voice studio in Los Angeles. Her clients include a four-time Emmy nominated actor, The Voice, American Idol and X-Factor contestants, working television, film and stage actors and musical theater professionals. She also frequently works with performers who are writing and producing their own one person/cabaret shows and has prepared students for Broadway Artist Alliance in New York City, The Cabaret Conference at Yale and UCLA Theater Camps. Pat taught the "Finding Your Voice" workshop for UCLA Extension and is regularly called upon by colleagues to speak about singing, vocal health and to contribute to publications.

A working performer who has appeared on stage, in arenas, stadiums, clubs and in the studio, Pat understands performers of all types and the major issues facing them as they put their talent in front of an audience. In her private teaching as a voice teacher and performance coach, she believes in empowering singers by demystifying the vocal study process and providing students with the knowledge they need to fully bring their talents to the forefront. Pat promotes a safe and nurturing environment and works with nearly all ages and ability levels.

Specializing In:
  • Empowerment, goal setting, artist development
  • Individualized lessons tailored to each students' gifts and goals
  • Audition and repertoire coaching
  • Identifying blocks that keep performers from reaching their full potential
  • Working with actors to help increase audition opportunities and enhance overall performance
  • Achieving solid technique so singers can focus on song expression and interpretation

Pat Can Help You:
  • Develop proper breathing technique for singing
  • Eliminate vocal strain
  • Integrate head and chest sound
  • Strengthen and expand your vocal registers
  • Develop vocal stamina
  • Increase and maintain vocal health
  • Develop your own vocal style and performance
  • Fully integrate acting and singing
  • Structure a song as you would a scene

To schedule a lesson, contact Pat at or (818) 424-9343.

"Pat Whiteman is by far the BEST vocal coach I have ever had - a true gem. She has helped me rediscover my voice and talent when I thought it was gone. She has also helped me overcome so many personal obstacles in the time that I have studied with her. Most importantly, she has given me the instruction and support to help, as she always says, 'honor my voice and my talent.' An incredible vocalist, mentor, teacher and friend, so blessed to have crossed paths with this talented, passionate and supportive woman who tells it like it is!"
- Cayce Clayton, singer/actor

"Working with Pat has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. As a talented vocalist herself, she is completely able to understand and relate to the demands of the vocal performer. Her knowledge of new and creative repertoire is exciting and inspiring! You would be hard-pressed to find a coach who is more genuinely invested in the growth and progress of her students. Pat has the ability to make anyone feel instantly at ease and safe to take risks and make bold choices. If you have the chance to work with Pat, do it!"
- Jessie Withers, singer/actor

"Before starting my lessons with Pat, the only times I would sing were in the shower or when I knew no one else was around, and even then I made sure not to be loud. I always loved singing and had dreams of one day singing in front of people but I was so scared to sing in front of anyone. Pat made me feel at home and it was like she understood what I was going through. She told me that I had talent. I almost cried right there in front of her. No one had ever said that to me. With each lesson, I started to feel more and more confident, not only in my voice, but with myself. Pat helped me to see that I was braver and more confident than I thought. I know that it's weird to say this, but working with Pat has made me a happier and more complete person."
- Alexandra Delgado

"Pat has rocked my world! I never would have attempted putting myself out there as a singer without Pat's spot on intuition and direction. Pat has the uncanny ability to help you see the best in yourself and help find what is rare and unique about your talent and bring that voice to the music. She is very progressive and unique in this very intuitive ability she has. I could never have imagined feeling good about myself as a singer and really finding songs I needed to sing…and ultimately finding myself in the music. Technically, Pat knows where it's at, what sounds good, how to vocalize properly and what material to sing and perhaps not to sing ;-) She's fun, supportive and smart. And, she's directing my first cabaret show! You've got something really special. Love you, Pat!"
- Valerie Swift Bird, actress/dancer/singer

"When I began lessons with Pat, I could barely get any sound out of my body without bursting into tears and just being frozen in fear. We still have a way to go, but we have come so far already! Pat is helping me find my voice. This has been the greatest gift! I am becoming more confident in my abilities and who I am. I am so thankful to know her. An understanding, encouraging teacher not to mention an incredibly talented artist and beautiful human being – working with Pat has truly changed my life."
- Brandice Brenning, actor

"As someone who considers himself an actor who sings, I am thankful for finding Patricia and her voice studio. Through her ability to educate concerning vocal technique, performance, and appropriate song selection, I have literally been realigned artistically. Her general ease and nurturing style along with constant encouragement to push past preconceived boundaries allowed me to firstly- rise to challenges AND have fun but also secondly- achieved RESULTS and "firsts" including: callbacks for regional musical theatre, the courage to sing in public open mic forums for the first time, and as a byproduct of the work- helped me connect as an actor to the written word even in straight plays and film. I fully recommend my friend, teacher, confidant: Pat Whiteman and her voice studio. She is instrumental in helping you connect to your inner voice while fostering the outer. Even if not a performer...you just may become one as a miraculous byproduct."
- Jeffrey Patrick Olson, MD, actor/singer

"My hour with Pat has afforded this ultra-busy mom with an hour of highly enjoyable, and extremely appreciated "me time" resulting in a huge de-stressing I look forward to each week. The vocal exercises are so enjoyable and something I repeat each day. Kids driving me nuts? Big meeting ahead? Running too fast for my own good? Miss Pat plugged into my iPhone brings me back to a healthy, grounded, centered state of mind. Plus...it's a fantastic education and opportunity to cultivate something I was made fun of for years and told I couldn't do. So there! Thanks Pat! :-)"
- Rosanna Iversen-Berdahl

"What's as necessary to a career as training, dedication, representation and sustained faith is an ally with whom you feel safe enough to show all your warts and weaknesses so you can grow beyond them. I went through a list of recommendations for a voice teacher when I was cast as Madam Armfeldt in "A Little Night Music". Me, at best an actor who sings! It was easy (though time consuming) to consider each teacher based on what I didn't want but a video of Pat Whiteman singing on YouTube nailed what I did want. Her ability to sing through all her registers and sound like one singer. No vocal gymnastics I could see, just engagement with her song. I felt comfortable instantly when I met her and knew she could help me with my passagio Her understanding of style and interpretation as well as her bubbly personality, patience and encouragement were like DVD extras. She worked with me week after week and helped me gain the confidence to deliver a performance I was proud of. My love of singing has been resurrected and I've been singing and steeped in music ever since! Any performer knows the work involved, but as much as anything, you need an ally and Pat Whiteman is right beside you with the right words at the right time and the towel to wipe your brow."
- Karen Huie, actor

"Pat has been an amazing inspiration in my musical life. Intelligence, a welcoming spirit, an ability to create a safe haven for creative exploration, positivity, the skill to relate to people on almost any level - these are the gifts she shares."
- Alysse Alcroft, singer/actress

"Not only is she one of the best singers I have ever heard, she has a rare gift as a teacher; she gets through to singers and always has a solution."
- Carolyn Mignini, actress/singer/voice teacher

"You're a goddess with a voice like buttah and heart to match. I would recommend anyone that wants to stretch their vocal chops with someone warm, receptive and a good teacher, without changing their style, to work with YOU."
- Dolores Scozzesi, singer/recording artist

"I just want to thank you for helping my darling daughter 'find her voice,' her dreams and change her life. Thanks to the training and brilliant confidence you have given her, she is finding her dreams. We owe you more than we can say."
- Jamie Alcroft and Sarah Kawahara

"What I found in Pat Whiteman, as a teacher and a human being, is the deepest love and respect, not only for singers and music, but as in any artist of the highest commitment - great knowledge, skill, passion and curiosity, and need, to communicate their work, for themselves and others. Anyone studying with her will be so very well taught for whatever they want to sing.
- Kevin Kilner, award-winning actor

"Since our daughter Haley has been working with Pat, her vocal ability has soared. Pat's expertise, patience and positive teaching style create a safe environment. Her musical knowledge is extensive but, perhaps more importantly, she sincerely invites the student and parent to work together with her to create a course of study, set goals, review accomplishments and express concerns.
- Hillary and Steve Barth

"The technique Pat teaches has allowed me to come farther than I ever imagined. Her warm support and genuine enthusiasm for what each singer has to offer make her a wonderful teacher for both beginning and advanced students."
- Sarah Brooke, actress/singer

"I just could not believe that I actually could sing for composer Chris Young (Spiderman 3) in a room full of other people - it was only because of you empowering me, Pat. Thank you!
- Deb Vukovitz, professional musician, Los Angeles