Los Angeles-based performer Pat Whiteman is a classically trained singer known for her rich expressive voice, charming stage presence and effortless delivery. Equally comfortable singing pop ballads, quirky character pieces, powerhouse belt numbers, rock or blues, Pat's shows are always highly anticipated. She has become a steadfast supporter of cabaret and contemporary singer/songwriters and a skilled interpreter of their material. She's also a sought-after voice teacher and performance coach passionate about helping others find their voice.

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"Whiteman is a breath-taking singer who conveys warmth and stunning depth in every note she delivers, with an ability to immerse herself in each lyric that holds an audience in thrall as she takes it wherever she chooses to go, much to its delight."
- Cabaret Scenes Magazine - read review

"As far as Pat Whiteman is concerned, she should put out a CD for all to hear. The lady is a musical gem. She has the voice of an angel. Don't miss her wherever she plays."
- BroadwayWorld.com - read review

"A woman who enchants an audience with the purity of her voice, the precision of her control and the spot-on emotion she puts into every song. It would seem there’s little she cannot do well, and — under the direction of Jason Graae — she did it all."
- Elliot Zweibach, Cabaret Scenes Magazine - read review

"Among the strongest moments was Pat Whiteman performing a dynamic, thrilling version of "Fifty Percent" (Billy Goldenberg/Alan & Marilyn Bergman, Ballroom) — It brought the house down."
- Elliot Zweibach, Cabaret Scenes Magazine - read review

"SO happy to be working with you. You are the real deal, BABY!"
- Jason Graae, award-winning actor/singer/dancer

"A voice richly riveting like fine silk. The perfect interpreter of the composer's intent and lending an unforgettably individual style. Pat Whiteman is a treasure."
- Don Grigware, BroadwayWorld.com - read review

"This is a voice that you will remember and want to hear again and again and a singer/performer who you will want to know. In one word, this was a PERFECT cabaret show."
- Sue Matsuki, CabaretHotlineOnline.com - read review

"Pat Whiteman is a gorgeous singer. It's not just her voice, which is rich and exquisite, but the way she can reach inside a song - pull out its essence - and pour it into your heart."
- Michele Brourman, award-winning singer/songwriter/music director

"Effortless, versatile, able to hold the audience in thrall - a pure pleasure to see and hear."
- Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes - read review

"A terrific pleasure to watch, a joy to listen to, your voice is so well placed and your material perfectly chosen. Brava to you...onward and upward!"
- Andrea Marcovicci, award-winning and Golden Globe nominated singer/actress

"Pat Whiteman is the total package, with a lithe, expressive voice that can caress, tickle, soothe, embrace, wail, testify and whatever else she wants it to. Brains, humor, heart, sex appeal and soul - Pat's got it all and then some."
- Alex Rybeck, award-winning pianist/composer/arranger/music director

"Go to YouTube, punch in 'perfect cabaret show' and a video of Pat Whiteman's latest endeavor will come up. And if it doesn't, it should."
- Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes Magazine - read review

"You are fantastic. LOVE your voice."
- Michael Orland, pianist/arranger/associate music director, American Idol

"You're DELICIOUS!!"
- Todd Sherry, actor, Suburgatory, Desperate Housewives, The O.C.

"Pat Whiteman is a star, a world-class performer."
- Les Michaels, cabaret producer

"You're wonderful. Your comfort and command on stage is just full of ease. Brave, funny, interesting and challenging material. Great!"
- Alan Rachins, Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actor, LA Law, Dharma & Greg

"You are just the kind of person we non-performing songwriters need like air - someone who truly makes a song come alive."
- Amy Powers, Emmy and Annie nominated songwriter

"Every once in a while in this business, you come across a voice so distinct, so wonderful and unique, it demands your attention. Listening to Pat sing is simply an embarrassment of riches."
- Scott Harlan, arranger/music director

"A purely winning presence on stage..."
- Dan Kane, entertainment reporter, Canton Repository

"In my life, in person, I have heard only a handful of voices that are truly transcendent. Pat Whiteman's singing is not only beautiful, but is transcendent, and will take you to unexpected and amazing places."
- Kevin Kilner, award-winning actor

"A beautiful voice: powerful one minute, angelic the next. A singer deeply connected to her innermost self. You must experience for yourself."
- Kenny Johnson, actor, Saving Grace, The Shield

"You are soooo amazing. Just amazing."
- Lisa Pelikan, actress/director, Julia, Lionheart, Swing Shift

"Jason Graae is absolutely right. You ARE the real deal. Grace, charm, wit, tenderness, bawdiness; unique and personal song selection, winning stage presence, gorgeous voice - you've got it all."
- Adryan Russ, songwriter/composer

"An astonishingly beautiful voice. A rightful star."
- Susan Baronoff, Emmy award-winning writer/producer